Working on a Low budget. Want a glove and bat

Well i need a new glove this year. And i have never owned a nice baseball bat before. Only problem is im a poor SOB. But yea im going to start workign again after football season but most of that money has to go to the college fund. So here are some products that i like that i could possibly afford. I want you opinions on them and link me to some better products in those price ranges.

So here are the links|%2425.00+-+%2450.00&lmdn=Price+Range&parentPage=family|%2425.00+-+%2450.00&lmdn=Price+Range&parentPage=family

well i know nothing about bats, but I personally dont like nike gloves.
Although both gloves look fine.

Here are a bunch of other gloves:|%2425.00+-+%2450.00

i would not get that bat. go to and get something decent