Work outs to improve pitching speed

Im 13 and I need to pick up speed

Look up drills and excirses on youtube. You can find a lot of different ones there.

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Just like your question about velocity. This question is answered throughout the forums if you do a little searching.

You’re 13, you are going to gain velocity annually just based on growth spurts. There is a good chance that you are going to experience joint pain (elbows, knees, hips etc…) as you grow, therefore I would caution getting to heavy into any lifting at 13. Pitching is an explosive repetition, so you may want to do some short sprints a few times a week. More than anything I like long toss workouts, there are some good ones, Alan Jaegers comes to mind. You are 13 so, listen to your arm. Any discomfort, back down. Start slowly. Good luck.