Work out program

I would like to start an offseason work out program but i’m not sure what I should do. My gym class is going to start going to the weight room twice a week and at home I have some dumbells, an exercise bike, and a pretty big backyard, but I’m also to far from a gym to go offten. So what should I do?

Are you guys going to actually be completing a lifting workout in the gym? If so, then I’d say to go with the 2 day a week lifting program at school, then 1 or 2 days of bodyweight exercises a week at home. Add in 2 conditioning days a week, then one day set aside to rest.

If you need some bodyweight programs, I placed a few examples in the stickied thread in this forum.

We will be doing a work out program at school, last week we spent time finding our 1 rep max and on monday we will creat an individual work out program

Alright, well try not to get caught up in bodybuilder exercises (curls, too much benching, etc.)

Squats, Deadlifts, Push Presses, DB bench, dips, pullups, chinups, high pulls, and rows. Build your program around stuff like that.