Work out belt?

Differing theories on workout belts: some say helps maintain stability in lower back, others say it’s better to not use so that stability is developed before advancing to heavier weights. Thoughts? Do you use workout belts when you strength train?

Well, I’ve never had a chance to really experiment with workout belts. I’ve used them once or twice in the past, but by that time, I decided to wait a couple of years before starting any intense workout routine. But prior to starting my deadlifts this past year, I did other exercises to build strength in my lower back. I decided to first build a foundation, and work off from there. This way, when I started lifted heavy weights, I could build off of the strength that I acquired, say through doing crunches on a bench with a 10-15, 20 or even 25 pound weight. I felt that enabled me to decrease my chance in injuring my lower back when doing sets of deadlifts. Note, prior to lifting heavy on the dead lift, I also conditioned my legs for it, and practiced the technique; this way I could build the muscle memory for that exercise. I’d rather lift light at first, then just start lifting heavy without proper technique. I also try and walk with proper posture, and sleep right, too.

So to answer your question, I do not use a workout belt.

I never use workout belts but i have thought about picking one up to try out…When i go heavy on squats my lower back tends to irritate me for a little while afterwords on certain days…

I can go all out with dead lifts and i never have any problem at all with my back, deadlifts actually make my entire back feel awesome…hyperextensions are another exercise that really fell good

as much as i swing a bat, the back stretching exercises are great

but to answer your question…not yet

I suggest not using weight belts unless you are maxing out or very close to maxing out. Instead, you should learn how to use your abs and core section. You basically have a belt under your skin with your abdominal muscles. By using belts you don’t allow you abs and core to develop as well.

Okay, this is a REALLY OLD topic but I just thought of something interesting. Under the catagory of belts would be those weight belt things. I’ve read that these actually decrease back stability because it is slightly similar to a belt that promotes back stability (supposedly). Unless I am just naming a synonym for a weight belt, this just struck me as interesting.

Sorry for reviving an old thread.

I use them since they are supplied to us at our school we have like 20 different belts. I always use them whether im squating, deadlfting, or power cleaning.

I agree 100% with what Mike said.