Word to the wise

This past winter, (December 10th 2010 to be exact) I had elbow surgery on my ulnar nerve. Through rehab, I attempted a change in mechanics to take some stress off my elbow. As many of you would know, rehabbing and pushing yourself to get better, requires a lot of work, time, throwing, working out. Through all this, I’ve now developed inflammation in the rotator cuff and had to recieve a cortisone shot and I’m gonna do some PT in hopes to get it taken care of. I know its not uncommon to experience issues with the shoulder after having work done to the elbow, but I wanted to put this up as a word of caution to those rehabbing.

I know its easy to get tunnel vision on getting a particular part of your body ready to go. DO NOT forget about the rest of yourself. Please try to be aware of other symptoms and take care of them. It can be frustrating, but take your time coming back and make sure you are 100% in all areas. Just a word to the wise.

Wise words for the wise.
Remember, the whole body has to be ready, particularly at HS and beyond.

:clapping: Couldn’t agree more!

Great post Campbellke11, thanks!!!