I pitched today in a Fall Ball game. I pitched 1 inning and struck out all three batters I faced. Radar gun got me at 79. I was pumped. Only threw from the stretch because I finally realize the wind-up is pointless. I’d just throw high fastballs on 0-2,1-2 counts and get them every time. I also had a curve that made there knees buckle. Change was pretty much the best its ever been even had batters looking twice. Also Congrats to BakersDozen on his performance.

Atta boy, FutureK!

At one point I stood there and said to myself “Should I give him one to groundout on?”…“Naw, what am I retarded?”

FACIST!!! Haha just kiddin’ good job Kaz!

hey peavy just gotta know. When you called me fascist was that because I used to have that quote from Bull Durham about K’s being fascist?

That’s great man! I felt the same way today when I pitched.

Awesome, isn’t it?

It was after the last k I did the Joba Chamberlain/Grant Balfour walk off the mound I just couldn’t help it :lol:

… I’ve heard that before, but I’ve never seen it. Was it just when he sort of yelled and pumped his fist?


Nice job, Kaz!

Excellent! Does one good to have an outing like that.

Without throwing water on your experiece, just take this advice with you in the future:

There is a Cardinal Rule in baseball that silently governs players and their actions, and they are

  • Never show up your teammates, * Never show up your opponents, * Never show up the umpire(s).

Showing signs of exuberance, excitement and such is as natural as any emotion you have. Just be mindful of how that display is going to be interpreted by everyone else. A batter who gets called, or swings and makes a trip back to his dugout isn’t going to be in the best frame of mind much less sharing your moment in time. So, I would suggest in the future, always turn away from a batter when you burn-em or put-em down with a count. That way there’s no eye contact, there’s no “personal” imprint on the interaction.

Right now, I know my words are pretty much meaningless. Your pride and “ I did it!”, is well deserved. However I’ve read your posts and I’ve kept in step with your sincere efforts here, so I want to equal that sincerity with advice that will polish your appearances later on.

Congratulations! I’ll bet even money this experience couldn’t have come at a better time.

Coach B.

'Cause of the quote…although I know that you did have the quote as a sig.