Wood bat size

my 11 year old swings a 31-22 techzilla bat it is awesome,i want to get him a wood bat for batting practice,how are wood bats sized,do they come in a 31 length?

From what i understand, wood bats come in youth and adult sizes. Youth are usually from about 24" to 31" and 32+ and adult sizes. They are sized pretty much the same as metal bats.

Here’ a pretty good web site that can start you on the way of learning about bats and some of their particulars.

Your son will thank you later on for your interest in the art of using wood.
He will be so far ahead of the learning curve - Vs other kids during the important years of competition.

Your son WILL thank you … dad, take my word for it.

Below are some things that he will consider as he practices:

Best wishes for you and your son through his baseball experience.

Coach B.