Wondering what my top speed will be?

I’m 5”9 and 118 pounds. I average 70-72 but occasionally will hit 75. My question is how hard should I throw if I add on 4-7 inches and 60-80 pounds like I’m suppose to.

How old are you?

I’m 14 birthday December 13th.

Velocity is not only a result from height and weight, but more of strength and mechanics. Don’t expect to throw harder, by just growing and getting older. Start gaining muscle and training your arm to go faster. Plus seek out someone around you that can teach proper throwing mechanics.

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I do long toss something my pitching coach recommended in the off season. In the winter I play basketball so I take that season off and do the long toss. Is that a good strength builder.

Long toss will help. As with most athletic sports, it all starts with ground force (legs) and energy is transferred through the core (abdomen).

The easiest way to get better at any sport, is to get your body stronger.

If you are unsure how, talk with your school athletic department, local gym, or research it online. Whatever you find, make sure you understand the correct way to lift before you try to go heavy with it.