This has been an ongoing battle with marijuana addiction i quit about a month ago but my body still craves it, anyways its been affecting my pitching because i get aches all over my body & when i do pitch i cant focus… any advice ?

First, if you need help get it. No excusees, help is there all you have to do is ask for it.
Obviously if you realize this is affecting your pitching that there is a problem. Marijuana is not physically addictive and if you haven’t gotten high in a month it is well out of your system by this point. So…that leaves the mental part. Money you have to learn to be honest. Honesty is one of the easyest and hardest things in the world. You, not anyone else, has to realize that reality is just that…God gave us all the ability to handle it without need of external substances/crutches to “handle” it. You have to face that whatever you use or have used hasn’t changed reality…
I won’t get all preachy on you…you should get that too…but right now you have to take a second and determine the “truth”…what is it that you want to do? Will using drugs help you acheive that? If not what things do you need to do to get free from the things that hold you back…and how do you continue in life to stay away?
My advice is to stay away from those who in your past have facillitated you getting the stuff (Even if you “think” it was your best bud…move on…no need for drama…just be doing something else), and focus on being around people who have a future and want to acheive one. This is the very best fortification you can have (It isn’t perfect and nothing is…but it can certainly help you stay clear).
This site isn’t manned by professionals that know about this subject…if you feel there is a problem, I cannot tell you enough…get professional help…don’t be afraid.
Congrats on stopping for as long as you’ve made it so far.

Really great advice from JD!

Stay strong, stay determined and stay focused.

EDIT: Youngmoney, you really need to read Dino’s post in this thread:

I feel like it calls me back but im fighting it even tho its hard & btw thanks for the advice

If you let them, bad things will always be inviting…Don’t let them…like I said, steer clear of the places and people who made it easy. Everyone here will be cheering you on. We can’t do it for you though…you have to want to do something else…like pitching and allow yourself to get fully involved with that. The calling you back will then be a distant faded memory. Don’t fear…just know…being busy is a great way to forget about the slacker life.