Winter Workouts

With old man winter knocking on the door, I was wondering all pitchers out there (young and young at heart :lol:) how much are you going to throw during the winter? long toss/bulpens? weights? running? And where are you going to train?

Just takin a look at the different programs out there. I will post my program as soon as I get it from my pitching coach, both lifting and throwing.

Stay warm!!

like to see your program and how it compares to ours. always looking to learn.
i know we went out yesterday to do our longtossing for the day. it was 34 and pouring a mixture of snow and rain. kids threw well with no problems or complaints.
when we start throwing bullpens after christmas we’ll throw them inside but we are going out on longtoss days if at all possible

For me I’ll be doing the following:

Lifting Monday-Wednesday-Friday (Weight gain is one of my primary goals this offseason.)
Throwing bullpens Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday (I have a portable mound in my basement, and a catchnet setup about 20 ft aways. Works great)
On Tuesdays I have been throwing at Champions Baseball ( The guy running the workout threw a few MLB games, and played a few years of minor league baseball 2nd round pick)
Don’t know if I’m going to stay with it though because the cost adds up, and once i get my camcorder, I’ll be able to see stuff for myself)

I plan to do running around January, and maybe possibly go to sessions at a place in town that is High Intesity Training/Therapy.

Longtoss I don’t know, Combination of finding someone to throw, weather permitting, and being careful in the cold.

Since i"m still hitting I’m trying to do teework/softtoss drills 3 times a week.