Winter workout plan

Hello everyone i havnt been on in a while first off because i had ordered tuffcuff from and havnt recieved it yet and its been about 4 weeks and its messed up my whole winter routine as i was looking forward to using tuff cuff. But, now i need to go in another direction are there any other programs besides tuff cuff i could use or works for you?

Just a suggestion - Maybe if you PM Steven and tell him about tuff cuff taking 4 weeks he could give you the outline of all the workouts via e-mail or something.

That’s a good suggestion, and worth looking into if I was you husky.

Why start and/pay for another program only to abandon it when TuffCuff shows up?

When you have nothing else to do, run run run.

Deffently P.M Steve no doubt he will do something. And in the time being do the basics run jobes dumbbels - can find in the articles. And just because there is a mailing problem or whatever i suggest you dont give up on Tuff - Cuff.