Winter Throwing

Im a new pitcher and trying to get a lot of work in over the winter. Would throwing in my basement (16ft) be good practice or will it confuse my release point. I want to practice but don’t want to delvelop poor habits due to short distance throwing.


In my humble opinion , the space might be better used by getting a full length mirror and working on basic mechanics …

using a mirror is great advice. but you can also get a long sock and and a baseball get some full arm speed throwing work while doing mirror drills. just put the sock over your arm with a baseball in your hand. leave a little room at top to release the ball and tape the sock around the wrist area. throw away.

I throw from about 20 ft away in my basement and love it, I have been for a couple years now, but it’s the first year that I have had a mound inside also.
If your throwing to a net tape or sharpie a couple very small targets like in a grid. Because at the distance missing by 4 inches at 20 is like a foot at 60.

Make sure you do go out and get some long toss in though, you will want to stretch the arm out completely.

Thanks for all of the great ideas. I’ll be putting them all to use.