Winter throwing to supplement team workouts

My sons fall season is wrapping up. 14u 8th grader.
His team is doing winter workouts with throwing on Sunday’s and hitting mid week. Somehow that doesn’t seem like enough throwing to me. What are your thoughts on how to supplement it, indoors?
Throwing at least twice a week, even if not pitching, seems pretty important to me, erupts ideally three times a week. Thoughts?

How heavy of a workload did your son have from January to now?

Not much. Played OF and pitched maybe 40 innings this past year.
Taking off now through January 1.

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Only 40 innings all year, he should be OK with taking a shorter break, but it will not hurt his development to take a standard break or to start off throwing only once per week then build up to twice as he gets closer to the spring. Lots of options having had such a low workload.

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Is he doing any type of strength program? Now would be a perfect time to start gaining muscle and some weight which will help his play across the board.


Not doing any strength yet, starting very soon.
What’s the conventional wisdom (if there is any) for how often kids should throw per week in the winter, after a proper layoff?

Take plenty of time off to strength train and get your body ready for the spring season. Personally I would allow yourself at least 2 1/2 months to fully gain your arm strength back. Start by going light 45-60 ft every third day and work your way back weekly. For week or two throw every third day or every other day. Working into January you want to start throwing everyday to keep your arm in shape. If you’re sore, take the day off.

Long story short 3-5 times a week early. 5-7 times a week come the new year.

Great advice, thanks.
Two months of strength training done. Now on to throwing.
Has anyone tried getting kids ready by throwing into a pop up net indoors with limited space? We are about to be constrained by the weather, so I figure maybe it’s possible to emulate Jaegers program by throwing in the garage into a net and progressively throw more and more.

In my opinion, throwing into a net is better than long tossing outdoors. If you videotape both throwing motions, the one throwing into the net will more closely resemble the pitching motion. The distance you attempt to throw is less important than how you mechanically throw the ball.