Winter Sport?

Im trying to think ahead to pick what winter sport i should play. Either basketball or winter track. Basketball is a lot of jumping, running and overall athletisism. Winter Track is just running and weight lifting. Conditioning for pitching what sport is best. And there is wresting too, but a lot of people get hurt and thats not what i want to do getting ready for baseball.

how bout baseball clinics?

Ya but i dont think i have the money. And it wouldnt last very long and im afraid i will just sit at home after.

If you have the drive I think it would be better to get in the weight room and do some baseball specific exercises. But most people will just end up giving up after a while but if you really love baseball you’ll be able to gain a lot with certain exercises on your own or find a friend would be even better.

i agree with Bower. i have a pitching-specific workout you could mix in with your weight lifting. give me your e-mail if you want me to send it to you.

Alright ya that sounds good. My email is, thanks

My school doesn’t care at all about our baseball program. They have a softball clinic in the winter but no baseball clinic

Bostonsportlova, i just sent it so let me know if you got it or not.

Ya i got it thank you, looks good.

yup no problem