Winter Long toss

i know its a little early to be saying winter time. But it does come around. My dad might by me a tent that you put up and keeps the snow out.

My question. Honestly in the offseason how far should you be long tossing. Or is it okay to just do 60feet then 90feet then 120feet only. Is this enough. Or do you have to air it out at over 300feet. I am a pitcher and i want to gain about 7mph in the offseason. So i will do whatever.

If your really wanting to gain velocity you have to throw often long toss 1-2 times a week really but a few things if your playing fall ball then after fall ball ends take a 1-2 month break before starting throwing again this will give your arm some must needed rest and can benefit greatly then once thatts over start at it slow and work your way into long tossing you can even develop a schedule. its going to be hard to gain 7 mph in one offseason depending how hard you throw now but work hard and its possible.

ya okay. But how far should i throw it. I seen a few major league pitchers say they never go beyond 120 feet and they clock over 90mph. I am just wondering if i coudl throw at 60feet then 90 feet then 120 feet. Will this still give me the benefits or do i have to go beyond 300feet.

Id probally stay in the 60-120 foot range for the better part of the winter and im not really an expert on offseason drills for throwing but i would not reccomend going 300 feet in the offseason.

As for some reference this is a pretty good site