Winter, Hockey, Muscle memory

ok i need help, winter in coming soon. and thats when i turn from a hardcore baseball player to a hardcore hockey player. ok so heres my problem, during winter i cant go outside and practice everyday, cause… well snow, but when summer come around i cant throw a strike for about 1 week cause my arms not use to it. but i need some help what can i do inside so i cant throw properly in the summer. and get that number one spot in the rotation.

there’s really nothing you can do its good for your arm to get some rest and everybody in the world struggle when the season starts. if you don’t well good for you but thats just natural. it takes about 1 or 2 weeks to get back in some kind of groove and at least a month to really get back to the comfort zone.

You can always try and find a gym and just throw at gym mats. That’s what I do during the winter, I make a strikezone with tape on mats on the wall of a gym by my house and just throw.

yea, ok

That is where you are wrong.

talk about weird feet.
I play hockey too man.

yea, realy cool