Winter Baseball

hey guys hows it going. I was just wondering where i could go to workout during the winter time.

If anyone knows any suggestions please post here. I don’t really have access to a gym, church, or ymca.
Mainly i just want to long toss, sprints, and a few bullpens throughout the year. Big stress on the long toss so i can hopefully hit about 88mph next year.

But ya do you think that maybe some sort of big tent i could put up or something like that. Like make something. See i am really in the dark. But all i know is that i want to play ball in the winter.

Is there anything i can buy to make a cheap facility. maybe spend 1000 dollars on a big tent or something like that.

It snows from about october-april.

I know some people who have enough room in their basement to throw bullpens.

If you have a decent size basement, you could try building a mound and throw off that into a net. Doesn’t necessarily have to be 60’6" apart either.

ya dude my basement is not very big. Its a big basement but no length wise. So ya. Is there any tenting or stuff that you could put up maybe to do long toss. I want something just for long toss and sprints. Long toss for velocity in the winter.