Winter Arm shape

I grew up in Florida, where baseball never really has an offseason and it’s almost always a good time to go outside year-round. I recently moved to the Midwest where the winters get nasty. Since I can’t really throw a baseball around the living room any suggestions on how to keep my arm in shape through the colder months? I really don’t want my arm to go months without throwing a baseball at full speed. so something i can do that will mimick the arm action\speed and keep my arm in throwing shape without putting holes in any windows\walls will be really helpful.

I’m originally from New York City, where the winters can get really cold and nasty. Occasionally it would get warm enough so I could play catch out of doors (we would have the January thaw, where the temps could get as high as the mid-70s), but usually it was too cold to do anything except try to stay warm. What I would do is go to a gym or some other indoor venue where I wouldn’t freeze, and I would get a catcher and we would work out there. If there are some places where you can do this, go to it. :slight_smile:

I am from the midwest also and have had the same problem. I would suggest you do some light dumbell work and do what Zita Carno said, try to find an indoor facility to throw in.