Winning Championships

Just wondering if any body has any previous experience or tips on getting your team mentally prepared to win a state title or any other big game. Our program here in NY has a winning percentage of over .800 but when previous teams, including mine last year, get into the playoffs, they bust. We are trying to win atleast a section or state title, please offer some tips i can use as a captain to further my teams success. Thanks

I know that I may not be old enough to figure out what it’s like to prep a whole team for such a thing as playoffs, let alone championships. But, what I think would be best is to choose your words carefully when speaking to the team. Address each member and make them feel a great part of the team and build their confidence for the oncoming trials. Build them both mentally and drill them physically with work outs that will be able to test both their fielding abilities as well as their batting strengths.

there’s a lot of feeling you might have when going in a championship but the best one is to be proud. to feel like you and your team are the best that ever walked on earth. Even if you are the worst, it’s all about being proud of yourself and being proud of your team then confidence will just follow.

The common theme with both of the previous posters is team confidence. I agree that this is a large component of winning at anything, most especially when it gets down to pressure-packed games.

The best way in my experience to develop that kind of confidence is to set a series of goals, goals that can be accomplished on a regular basis by hard work, determination, and good leadership. Lay out the goals, individual and team, with a state championship being the last and biggest goal.
Remember what those goals are, continually focus on accomplishing the intermediate goals with the big goal always firmly in mind, and make sure that as the team accomplishes these goals, the players are rewarded with praise. And always, direct this praise toward the entire team as much as any individual player, encouraging each player to help one another to accomplish these goals. You must be a leader, in practice and games, with words and deeds. Always be positive, and never allow one player to disrespect another player, even in fun. Everyone must pull together to accomplish your goals, and remember you’re only as good as your weakest link.

The greatest confidence comes with preparation. If you know that as individuals and as a team you have left nothing on the table, then you can go out and play your best, knowing that you have done everything possible to prepare.

Talk to your coach, and tell him of your concerns and goals. Ask him what his overall plan is to accomplish these goals and what part he would like you to play. As team captain you have a built-in leadership position. A smart coach will use his leaders to accomplish his goals. I’m sure he will appreciate your desire to lead and succeed.

Good luck!

Great words hoseman, thanks guys for the help, i just want to bring one home this year if you know what i mean, thanks again