windup or stretch?

I’m new to this forum. I have a question to anyone who wants to give their thoughts. I’m coaching a little league 9-12 yr old division and was wondering what others think about that age while pitching, if they recommend pitching from the stretch or windup. My thoughts are if they pitch from the stretch there is alot less body movement to deal with for the kids. Please respond back as to what you think.


I start all of my Little League pitchers from the stretch…and as long as the parents allow, I keep them there indefinately. I see absolutely zero evidence that there is any benefit ( ie., velocity ) to throwing from a full windup, and in my opinion they have a better chance to have consistant, repeatable balance from the stretch . As they get older , I continue to encourage all the kids I teach ( including my own son ) to pitch from the stretch , and wouldn’t be surprised if this is a trend that you see at all levels of baseball going forward .

I think teaching young kids to throw from the stretch is great, although I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it done. If you watch a MLB pitcher pitch he throws at the same velocity from the stretch as the wind up. You don’t have to learn how to pitch from the wind up, but you do have to learn how to pitch from the stretch. Teaching throwing from the stretch at a young age will eliminate problems with it later on when you are forced to do so.

My guys pitch pretty much exclusively from the stretch.

Less to screw up.

I am 16 years old… When i watch my velocity on the radar gun, from the windup my 4SFB is anywhere from 65-69. But when I go from the stretch, my 4SFB is anywhere from 61-64. Now, it may be a mechanical thing that I throw considerably slower from the stretch, but as far as I can tell, there is a significant decrease in all of my pitch speeds. I throw four pitches: 4-Seamer, 2-Seamer, Cutter (or Cut FB), and a 3-Finger changeup. And I am working on a breaking pitch (unsure of which one I want).

I guess in my mind there are 2 “types” of stretch windups , that with runners on and that without . With no runners on a pitcher can be more deliberate and really “load up” on the post leg, exactly as you would out of a full windup. In recent years I have come to the “belief” that as long as you get to that load position in a consistent , balanced manner, there is no reason that you would lose velocity from the windup … in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if your average FB velocity increased because you got into this position more consistently.

With a runner on 1st , as you focus more on being quick to the plate, it would not surprise me at all if your average velocity did decrease a little…

What my coach is telling me to do is practice the “drop and drive” technique, especially from the stretch. He’s always telling me to not worry so much about a breaking pitch, but I just want to develop one to see if it helps out.

well, I don’t know but in the Pros they teach people that only throw from the stretch the wind-up.

Im not sure this is entirely true… I’ve seen a decent number of closers, and other relief type pitchers who pitch exclusively from the stretch. And I know they sure as heck aren’t going to change anything Mo Rivera does any time soon…

I Pitched all throughout little league from the windup because i felt much more comfortable that way. Now that I am 15 and playing on a real feild i can still become unconfortable when I let somone on, and have to go from the streach. This tends to worsen the Jam i have already gotten my self into. Also i have similar problems to people who have posted before me Windup i can throw about 60 maybe 65 if I give it everything i have but from the streach i throm about 55-60. This turns a decent fastball into a meatball.

you must be doin something wrong on your strech then, because there is no way you should be losing that much speed. maybe send some video of you pitchin from the strech

im thinking that your doing more of a slide step and not pushing off enough if your losing 5-10 mph. and lift the front leg a little lower then you would when you are in the wind up.

I coach a 10-11 yrs old team…i teach all my pitchers from the windup and the stretch…some of them like the stretch but some of the pitchers pitch better from the windup (ie. control)…i think its what the kid prefers…but also i have to teach both because we play 12-13 yrs olds so they can lead off and steal so we have to pitch from the stretch to keep them close or else they will steal every base on us…so my sitution is different…

you say you are coaching a 9 and a 12 year old team? on the 9 year old team coach them to pitch from the windup because when i was 9 we could only steal when the ball crosses the plate. So windup on 9 year olds.

on 12 year olds i think it would be good to pitch from both. i pitch from both and i am 13 so your coaching a year down. the windup is good for strikeouts and the stretch is good for groundouts. Teach them to slide step when they pitch from the stretch it will get the ball down to home quicker (good base runners will run when the toe leaves the ground). It may slow the pitch down but it can also help and you will get more people out in the base paths!


There is nothing i like more than a steal call and slow windup.
Teach the stretch!

im almost 14 and i always pitch from the stretch and i start about 1 game per week my fastball from stretch is anywhere from 58-63 when i pitch from the windup in practice i pitch about 55

I think that little leaguers should pitch from the stretch because there’s less required for them to do and you want them to learn to get it over the plate

Having Coached Little League/Cal Ripken and a USSSA team of 10’s here are my $.02.

Whichever one the child feels more comfortable with on the mound. I had a kid that only pitched from the windup and did very well with it. I have others that feel more comfortable with the stretch. I teach the stretch and work them up to the windup if they feel comfortable and want to throw that way. I want strikes and I am not too concerned about velocity. I want a pitcher to repeat the motion the same way every time. I would rather a kid throw low 50’s and have command and control than throw mid to high 50’s looking like Ricky Vaughn doing it.