Windup or stretch?

I’m new to this forum. I have a question to anyone who wants to give their thoughts. I’m coaching a little league 9-12 yr old division and was wondering what others think about that age while pitching, if they recommend pitching from the stretch or windup. My thoughts are if they pitch from the stretch there is alot less body movement to deal with for the kids. Please respond back as to what you think.


I’m 11 and I do both. Just make sure that first step back on the windup is back so you can get your whole body moving forward.

I personally step off to the side w/ my windup. I don’t know, it’s just comfortable. I have a hard time staying balanced if I step back. I like to take my time lifting my leg and going home, and stepping back makes me rush. Personal preference should be used. I’ve seen pro’s go both ways.
As long as he can control his mechanics and switching between them doesn’t damage his arm angles, I’d say work on both.

I prefer that my 11Us always pitch from the stretch.

There’s less for them to screw up.

I pitched with both as a Little Leaguer, but currently live across the street from a Little League field and have noticed most pitchers pitching from the stretch. (There’s a game just about every night.) We’ve had a discussion here recently on this topic, and I think most here, like Chris O’Leary, say it’s beneficial to stick with the stretch. I have to agree.