Wind-up vs. the Stretch

I am of the opinion that if the runners cannot steal until the ball passes the batter that the stretch is not the right thing to teach. I think that the windup is easier on the child and makes for a more powerful longer lasting pitcher. Who else agrees with this?
I hate that I have such a strong opinion about this and I have to deal with parents wanting thier kids to pitch from the stretch and I am just looking for some other opinions.

I would incorporate both pitching from the stretch and windup in a game, just so your players can get the feel for both

Agreed, teach both. They will eventually need to work out of the stretch and actually the stretch is just an abbreviated version of the wind-up, so it should be easier to teach.

I see too many kids get to high school and college who are very uncomfortable out of the stretch because they always throw their pens in the windup. Yet most pitchers probably throw about 60% of their pitches from the stretch.

Coach Steve Rau

I am a strong proponent of pitching from the stretch at the younger ages. Encourages all the basic principles needed to establish good mechanics and consistancy at a young age, and makes them more comfortable going forward pitching with runners on base . I had my own kid throwing only from the stretch until he was a freshman in hs …