Billy McConnell:

Is that weight right? 172 pounds seems like a lot on a 5’7" frame. You appear to be in the 145-155 pound range. Your swing looks solid. People will want to have a good left handed bat on their roster. You seem to have a good pitching delivery as well. Again, being left handed is attractive since it gives the coach the ability to give the hitters a different look. Best of luck. Post some video of your pitching delivery from close range–similar to what your show for your hitting.

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Hi Coach Paul-YES that is my weight… I will have my folks video me in the season and post… I am ALWAYS looking for ways to improve. Thanks for your time- Billy McConnell

My mom found a a photo taken - does this help ?

Hi Coach here are the other pictures-

Very nice sequence of still shots. I like the discipline of your progression while going through your pitching cycle. Looks solid, in control, deliberate.

You keep this up as you get older, combined with a good nutrition, conditioning and a reasonable sleep management routine, and you’ll do well. Very well.

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