Will You Be Attending?

I will be hosting the 1st annual Pitch-A-Palooza in Nashville, TN December 6-8th. I would love to see you there!

Steven Ellis, are you coming? It’s on me!


I can’t go but it sounds great. Make sure to record Paul’s presentation. I really wish i could make this event but we finish up our fall workouts right around then and we will be doing some physical testing I can’t miss.

Best of luck!

It is only a short 5 hour drive for me, it sounds very interesting.

Unfortunately, neither can I. I found out that Nashville is not an Amtrak stop, and that’s the only way I can travel nowadays, so I’ll have to miss it. I do hope that someone in attendance can provide me with a sort of abstract or something so I can at least read about it, what goes on, etc. All of you, have fun and learn something.

Would love go make it Lantz I’ll have to see what I can arrange