Will working on dry mechanics transfer to the mound?

This is probably the best my mechanics have ever looked, though I’m worried it won’t transfer to actually throwing a baseball. What do you guys think, will it transfer?

Quick answer no. long answer sort of.

because ur body uses the mound to push off of, the only thing you you really work on when throwing a flat pen is ur arm angles. Because your legs and torso is where u get your power the answer is no. And with a flat gound you cant even work spots cos the angles are different.

ok then I’ll ask a slightly more general question. Not whether it will necessarily transfer to the mound, but shouldn’t these dry flat ground mechanics transfer to throwing a baseball on flat ground? It seems that when I have to throw the ball to a target with a purpose I subconsciously make changes to my mechanics, and can’t maintain the ones I have worked so hard on. How can I get these dry mechanics to transfer to throwing a ball with a purpose?

Yes, some of the body movements may carry over to the mound but because you’re not throwing, you don’t know if those movements are good or bad. For instance, everything may feel good, free and easy, but when you get to the mound the timing of your arm is off. Throwing is always a better option.

throwing is throwing regardless of where it is. i would throw alot of flat ground from like 50 ft away from a tarped wall. and just try and smooth out the delivery while trying to throw as hard as i could towards the end. off a mound is the same as flatground the mechanics change a little but thats only because of the downward slope of the mound. thats why you gain more velocity off a mound using same mechanics you would on flat ground. y not just go to a mound instead of asking if the mechanics would transfer? your the only person that would know if they would transfer. go throw off a mound y ask if youd be able to throw off a mound

I can’t practice outside on a mound every day, whereas I can work on dry mechanics whenever I want. I have cleaned up these dry mechanics and I am having trouble keeping consistent mechanics when I have to throw to an actual target. I agree that the best solution is just to throw at a large/close target initially so I don’t have to worry about accuracy, and I can just smooth everything out first. I’ll try this for a while.