Will this training program too much or just perfect

Dear Coach Ellis,
THis pass monday 11-7-05, i started working with weighted baseballs 6oz and 4oz. i throw three days a week. I’m doing a program which i found on the internet, its very similar to what you spoke about, right now i throw in the lower 80’s with so so mechanics. to stregthen my arm i incorporated your rotator cuff exercises into the program. i do your exercises after my throwing sessions, monday, wednesday,and friday. tuesday i do triceps, biceps,forearms, back, and chest(via. bench)with light weights. On thursday i do a body circuit-dips,pull-ups,straight legged dead lifts, and forearms. Mon-fri, i work my abs but i’m unsure of how to set up a program for them. Also i am unsure to if i should be doing your exercises three times a week after the throwing sessions. i rest on the weekends for recovery. I’d appreciate if you could specify if i am over training, also i would like to know what drills should i do on my non throwing days such as tues. thurs. and the weekend. I would much appreciate it. Thank you once again.

Yes, I’d say you’re over training. What about the lower half? You didn’t mention any lower body strength exercises, but I’m assuming that maybe you’re getting your legs at least once a week.

Here’s the thing with a total body workout: it’s got to be balanced. Performing the 5 lb weights after throwing is fine. I highly recommend it; and three times a week is great, too. But you really should add some lower body conditioning to your workout routine.

As for the weighted baseballs. That’s fine, too. But mix in long toss throwing with a regular baseball. A good mix of regular throwing and weighted ball throwing is how to really maximize your pitching ability.

My only concern is with your mechanics. All of this extra stress, which you’re placing on your body from the throwing and workouts won’t do you much good if you don’t have quality mechanics. Check out some of my articles on my Web site for tips on better mechanics and work on those, too.

since your trading light your body shouldn’t need as much time to recover as if you were training heavy with the highest intensity you could stand…

if you throw 3 days a week then you could divide your weight lifting days into “push” and “pull” days

for example when you bench press you are pushing the weight away from your body, when you are doing deadlifts your pulling the weight towards yourself…or any types of rows for your back your pushing the weight towards yourself

so on push days
chest, triceps, shoulders, rotator cuff

on pull days
legs, back, biceps, forearms

i think you can work your traps (DB shrugs) on either day but i normally put those with my back because doing deads it kinda hits all that too

Monday - push/throw
Tuesday - pull
Wednesday - push/throw
Thursday - pull
Friday - rest
Saturday - start over

that tends to be how lots of people start out, and as you learn more increase the weight and intensity you can switch up to fit your needs better…

and also if on monday you hit your chest really well, and you dont focus as much on your shoulders and triceps then on the following day which in the above case would be wednesday focus your workout around your triceps and shoulders and go a little bit lighter on your chest

its important to not neglect any part of your body because everything works together

thanks fellas…but this leads me to another question about the tubing exercise for the hip…coach Ellis…if i don’t have that strecthing rope which you tie to the gate and your leg to do explosive follow throughs with…what else could i substitute that with?

Just pick one up at www.thera-band.com.