Will This Help Control?

Lately i’ve been having problems with my control, and i was just wondering if throwing at a target at about half speed would help. Not off a mound, just like playing catch, but trying to hit a target every time. Will this help, or do you need to be throwing at least 75%?

Here’s something I used to do when I was a little snip—and continued to do all through the years that I pitched; I would devote one bullpen session a week to this. I would get a catcher, and either he would mark off a home plate and a pitcher’s rubber at the usual 60’6" distance—the one problem with this was that the chalk markings were too readily scuffed into oblivion—or, more often, if we could get to a playing field that wasn’t being used I would get on the mound and he would get behind the plate. And we would play a little game we called “ball and strike”. My catcher would position his mitt in various spots, high, low, inside, outside, every which way but standing on his head :lol: , and I would concentrate on getting the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt. It was more than just a drill; it was a terrific workout, lots of fun, and what a satisfying feeling to hear that “thwack” as the ball hit the pocket! I did this with all my pitches, at varying speeds, and with the crossfire (I was one of those sidearmers who used it a lot), and from time to time we would have someone stand in the batter’s box, first one side and then the other, so I could really zero in on the strike zone (which in my day was a lot bigger than it is now). Believe me, this was the best way I knew of to sharpen my control, and I think this will help you. And by all means throw from the mound, because, after all, you have to do that in a game situation. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

I think you’re on the right track on getting better with your accuracy.

Make every time you have a ball in your hand a target practice session. We only have so many throws we can do a day, so why wouldn’t we make the most of them?

As far as half-speed, that is pretty slow. When I throw at that amount of effort, I will tend to use different mechanics then when I’m throwing 100%. That isn’t going to help you get better at when it’s game time. I think throwing at 75% would be more helpful.