Will pitch in mens league this year

I’ve been told that I will have to pitch for our mens team this year, not starting just releiving.
having pitched against men before I know that it is harder, harder to overpower them and hard to fool them but I think I have to do it somehow, hopefully I wont get hit aroud too badly

ya it is harder to face em. i started pitchin again 2 years ago after not pitching 4 highschool. definatly worth the knowlege. i thought “o this is kinda lame pitchin against old guys”, but man they know how to get on base. not as much power at least where i play because of wood bats but alot harder to overpower them and get them chasin. ive faced a good amount of highschool and college hitters in past year before surgery for fun and i feel i definatly had an advantage.

I’ll bet you “play up” to the challenge. Did you ever notice that it’s harder to pitch against poor teams and easier to pitch against better ones? (Maybe it was just me :-))

I definitely agree with that

yeah actually so do I

its confirmed I will be playing on sunday for the mens team