Will i make my hs baseball team?

I’m trying to tryout for baseball at the local high school next year. My pitches are 4-seam fastball (72-76 mph), slider (62-66 mph), sinker (71-75 mph), and circle change up (59-63 mph). My coach says I’m accurate. Do you think I’ll make it? If so JV or Varsity?

Possibly you just need to bulk up

wdym? like start lifting weights?

What year in school are you? How tall and how much do you weigh? Are you right handed or left handed? High School teams are all different depending on division and competition. There are many variables to project other than current velo depending on your grade. As a reference at our HS RHP for varsity sit around 86+ topping 88 or 89. We have 3 that sit 87-88 and top 91 or 92. Our LHP on varsity sit 84+ with one topping 90 on occasion. Your numbers above would fall in line with our Freshman team depending if the staff thinks you have a high ceiling (maybe not hit puberty or your body hasn’t matured).

I’m a freshman. 5’8", 125 lbs. RHP


what’s yeah supposed to mean?

the school is division 7, and, in Florida, 1 is the smallest division and 9 is the biggest.

I think You should be ok for JV.
My son is a freshman and made his JV team and he only throws 70.
He has great control, never walks a batter and has a nice curve. He is probably built like you. 5’10" and 137

Why next year? Did you tryout this year?

Perhaps you should ask Mentalo: Mentalo

The school admin was slow getting back to me and didn’t give me the paperwork and forms to fill until a day b4 tryouts. I wasn’t able to fill all the stuff out in time

Out eat (with quality food) and out sleep your competition. Hit the weight room and get as strong as you can in the core, push ups, chin ups, 1 leg exercises such as lunges (reverse and forward) split squats, 1 leg sit to bench etc and deadlifts. Find a good arm care/scap workout. Make sure to include mobility into your workouts for hips shoulder and spine. Lift without a belt (to help with stability) and own perfect form. 10lbs of muscle can add 2-4 mph on your fast ball. If you can add 20lbs even better. A metric we try to get to for body weight is your height in inches x 2.5 = weight (course 2.75 would be better). So at 5"8’ or 68 inches x 2.5 = 170lbs. Strength and body weight along with a good arm care/throwing plan you could conceivable hit low to mid 80’s by tryouts next season. For workout suggestions look at Cressey Sports Performance (Eric Cressey), Tread Athletics and Dr Josh Heenan’s 90mph formula.

thx. that’ll prob help a lot

Are you saying that pitchers should be heavier thn average. My doctor said that a 5’8" 15-year-old boy should be between 125 and 163 lbs and my All-Star coach said pitchers should be tall, muscular, and slim. Wouldn’t that mean that a 5’8" pitcher should be around 125-140 lbs?

I’m saying at 5’8" (68 inches) the ideal weight for a pitcher to minimize injury and maximize velocity should be 170lbs + (68 x 2.5). Look at your MLB pitchers, many are 2.75 or more x their height in inches, The average is around 2.8 x inches in height. If you want to throw hard MASS = GAS. But it must be good weight from proper nutrition.

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Yeah and eating more to support the muscle.