Will I have trouble getting recruited?

I am a junior right now and I am extremely motovated to play baseball in college. I have played baseball my entire life but i only really got extremely serious about it midway last year. My sophmore year i was like 4-3, one of which was a blown save by the closer, and had 2 saves. I am about 6’3 and still growing and i honestly feel i have much potential. I am working hard this offseason, yet i just started to ask myself if I am going to have a hard time trying to achieve a sholarship or get into a D-1 school. I did not get any time on varsity last year, and I am really worried if all this will affect my chances of achieving my goals. I will be on varsity this year as a junior and will be in the rotation. I have not talked to anyone who would know about this so I am posting the question. Also how can i get noticed by college coaches to increase my chances of getting into a good school???

Go to the High School Baseball Web and READ EVERYTHING on their site it will help you greatly.

Pay attention to the Recruiting Timeline and Recruiting Tips

They also have a Message Board that is geared towards this topic, so be sure to check it out or perhaps join.

yo thanks for the site. I went on it ands its really helpful. The only thing im still wondering is if since i did only ok last year and im planning on a big year this year is it too late to get noticed by colleges

Nope, many guys don’t sign untl quite sometime AFTER the early signing period. I know a lot of guys who signed at DI schools near the very end of their Senior year in High School. I know other Pitchers who signed at the College they are currently at DURING the SUMMER AFTER their SENIOR year. Remember you’re a Pitcher and College Teams NEVER have enough Pitching

Do what that site sets out, but modify it to fit your timeline. Hit up a Showcase or two to help get your name out. A lot of it will come down to you marketing yourself to schools/ DON’T WAIT FOR THEM TO FIND YOU. YOU FIND THEM

that really helped my confidence. I definatly will, thanks a lot

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Is a 2.8 GPA good enough? If I got a 2.8 this year and last, but got a 3.4 or something junior and senior year will they take me?

Every school has different ‘acceptance’ levels. The higher your GPA the better, because then the Coach won’t have to worry about you staying eligible. The best thing to do is work your butt off in the classroom and make sure you score well on your SAT or ACT whichever you take.

Here’s what you need to know. I didn’t play varsity as a sophomore either. I’m a late bloomer that finally reached a nice level my senior year. My junior year stats were something like 4-3 with a 3.00 ERA and my velocity 83-85. (I’m a righty.) Did I get looks after this year? Hell no! But remember that thing called next year? “The most important pitch in baseball is the next pitch.” So what did I do? I worked my ass off. And I mean really worked it off. I played football and did baseball, I took the winter off and did baseball, then I played soccer in the spring and did baseball. Live, eat, and breathe baseball. My senior year was much, much different. I added a slider to my repertoire and refined my 2SM and my splitter. What happened was my velo jumped to 85-88, and I went 12-1 with a 0.97 ERA in 73 innings. I got every all-state, all-conference, etc., award you could think of, including pitcher of the year in Iowa.

What am I trying to tell you? Hard work is rewarded! God has a soft spot for hard workers. If you want it, go freakin get it! It’s all up to you my friend. Surround yourself with good people, stick to your program, listen to your coaches, and most of all, do work! It’s not going to happen without hard work. It’s just not.

P.S. You have an advantage on me, too. You said your 6’3. I’m barely 6’1 and usually 6’0 on most scales. Now get to it!

Theres an indoor facility where I go to a camp in the witner and one of their players just signed with the Padres. He was a 5 year varisty player at a very good sized school. He got a full ride to LeyMoyne a D-1 school and was the MAAC conference player of the year.

Very very good shortstop. During his Junior and Senior years of highschool he would wakeup very early in the morning, go to a gym and workout before school. Then afterschool he would go down to the indoor facility and hit off the machines or do whatever else he could. He was the player that no matter how much snow we received up here in New York he would get someone to go outside on the driveway and hit him ground balls. This guy was an incredibly hard worker and that is why he was signed with the Padres.

Oh did I mention he was top 10 in his highschool class?

Hardwork will pay off.