Will Gaining Momentum Really Help?

Today I threw in front of, what I guess u can call, my school’s pitching coach. He told me I have good mechanics and the only thing he said was that I fly open sometimes which, causes me to throw high, and that when I throw low it’s because my release point is just a little off. But I realized that I throw, I’d say anywhere from 3-5 MPH slower than the other people my age. So my questions is will getting more momentum towards home earlier really give me more velocity?

my stride on a mound is about 105%

but if i go any farther than that i lose velo… so i guess itll only work up to a certain point depending on ur body

Well my stride isn’t that long I can’t stride out like that unless I land on my heel. My stride is about 85-90% of my body length.

im sure it’ll help gain 1-3 mph or maybe more

its worth a try tho and if it doesnt work u can just go back to he stride length u have now

The answer is “maybe”. Increased tempo and momentum means increased energy available to put into the ball. But it’s not a guarantee that extra energy will get put into the ball. You must have good mechanics and timing to ensure the energy is transferred eficiently through the body - up the kinetic chain - and isn’t wasted somewhere.

However, increasing your tempo also has the added benefit of helping out with your timing. Specifically, it takes away extra time in your delivery - time during which you might do something wrong like opening up early. It also makes you quicker to the plate and allows your mechanics from the wind-up and stretch to become more similar which is a good thing.