Will eating more protein help me keep my weight?

Next Thursday I’m having surgery on my pitching shoulder. My arm is going to be in a sling for four weeks. I’m, obviously, not working out at all for about a week or so, until they take the stitches out. After they do I should start my rehab. When rehab starts I’ll continue doing legs, I guess.

Anyway I’ll do the bike everyday, but I’m not sure I want to do any other sort of exercise as long as i’m in the sling, and maybe a few weeks after. he thing is I put a lot of work in this winter, put on roughly 14 pounds of what seems to be muscle, I’m sure there is some fat in there. But, I really don’t want to lose the weight while i’m resting for this next month, month and a half.

So my question is, if I up the amount of protein I’m eating will that help me maintain my weight? I’m bound to lose some weight, that is a given, but I want to limit the weight I lose to, let’s say, 5 pounds at the most, if possible.

All that matters is the caloric intake. A high protein diet is better than one without, but you need to eat more than you expend. Simple as that.