Will college withdraw offer

I’m a senior in high school and have verbally comitted to a D1 college. Last night I was pitching and felt a pop and my arm is really sore. I am under the impression that my ucl is torn and may need to have Tommy John surgery. The question is, does anyone have an opinion if they think my verbal commit will be withdrawn now if I have to have surgery? Early signing is in November.

Well first and foremost don’t speculate on your “potential” injury. Get it checked out ASAP by a qualified doctor who specializes in UCL reconstructions.

Get an MRI (preferable a contrast image MRI) along with other tests and a physical examination by the above said doctor.

As far as the offer getting pulled…it depends.

There are a myriad of scenarios that could happen as well as different coaches and how each run their program. I have heard of some real cut throat guys that have pulled offers from recruits and I have also heard other stories of coaches who have stuck with their recruits.

So first things first. Get it checked out and then go from there.

Good advice from 101mph.

I just wanted to reiterate what he said in not jumping to conclusions yet. Get it check out first.


most of the time they will give you a repond back time or call you if they have others who are committing and running out of scholarships. if you are seriously injured they may have you walk on if you will miss a year and evaluate you again for the next year, or send you to a juco to see if you recover.

not fun options but scholarships are severely limited @ the d-1 level

If you haven’t signed anything yet, they can certainly pull their offer. In fact, most major D1 colleges pull scholarships after a year for poor performance and all sorts of other reasons.

Let us know what the docs say…

Steve, I went to an NCAA compliance meeting this month which said that the institutuion that provided an athlete with a scholarship cannot pull that scholarship due to lack of performance.

But scholarships are year to year. So even though I got a full ride to a Div. 1 college, for instance, I had to sign my contract every year, and the threat of losing it was enough to keep me and the other pitcher who got a full ride in line.

Good to know though.