Will Atlanta make the playoffs?

We’re closing in fast!!! They added Teixeria to their lineup, possibly giving them the best lineup in the National League, and Octavio Dotel was just added to the bullpen. Chipper is hot as a rocket, and all their aces have found their groove. Today they were just 2&1/2 games behind the Mets for 1st. Do you think they’ll win the division, get a wildcard berth, or miss out?
My money’s on winning the division.

In a perfect world Id like to see the Braves win the division and the Phillies get the wild card ONLY because I hate the Mets that much. Teixiera is such a huge boost in there already strong lineup, and once Edgar gets back, look out! Huddy and Smoltz are leading the way, its unfortunate Dotel is on the DL already.


Yep… I hope Andruw gets hot… if he does, we’ll dominate! :smiley:

What do you have against the mets?

To be honest, I just consider them our rivals. We’re always competing for the NL East title. I do hate them, but I also respect them as good competition.

Correct me if i’m wrong chop but mets-braves is similar to yankees-red sox. Being a big yankees fan i feel like us-red sox is one of the craziest rivalries in all of sports but IMO mets-braves is pretty similar. Like chop said, division rivals. That’s always intense.

Yeah, Joel. You’ve got the right idea. Although the Braves-Mets rivalry isn’t as well know as Yankees-Red Sox.

Same with Devil Rays-Red Sox