Wild 16 Year Old Sidearmer (video)

Sorry for the length of thevideo. Wasn’t really planning on posting it so I just had her film the whole bullpen.

I feel like I’m missing a lot due to lack of hip/shoulder separation. I also have a sideways dragline to the left that makes it look like I’m bowling. Is this just a result of landing closed or is there a bigger problem here?

I tried a few different arm slots. Started off normal and then went a little more sidearm at 1:00 in the vid. I feel a lot more loose and comfortable with it, but it’s harder for me to throw my split and other offspeed from there.

you land waaaaayyyy closed…which is causing the odd dragline. because you land so closed you effectively close off your hips and you don’t get near enough out of your lower body. at foot plant you can’t really use your lower body and you end up having to throw with all arm…across your body.

i afraid you arm swing action may not be able to sustain a long period of time