Wii work out?

A friend of mine has a thery, if you play curtain wii games like tennis boxing and things like that it will strengten your arm I think it is a prity good idea, does anyone else agree with this?

If they made a Wii controller that weighed 2 lbs…

Not enough external stress…

I love the American way of finding the easier way of things.

Also, the new “wii fit” is amazing marketing, but will do almost nothing for a person… Nintendo is making a killing, sold 1 million worthless and cheap units in the opening week.

is this a joke?

no, maybe if the contreller was a dumbbell

no, maybe if the contreller was a dumbbell

no, maybe if the contreller was a dumbbell

I hope your joking.

They are actually using wii’s as a rehab tool in some facilities.

I don’t wanna be a dick, but is this really a serious topic?! Just because Wii is a better workout than PS3 doesn’t mean it’s a good pitching workout. Run, Lift, Long Toss, Band Workouts, Stretch, Practice, Learn More…those are what help you when you’re competing on the mound not playing Wii Tennis against Luigi!

tennis and baseball will improve hand eye coordination but it will not give a workout.


Plenty of examples

Don’t make the guy feel bad about his thread. Its a legit thought.

This is actually kind of plausible.

I wouldn’t put it anywhere near ahead of actual workouts, but if you’re skipping a day at the gym, or just happen to play a lot of Wii, it could probably be a decent workout if you strapped on some wrist weights.

i know were not really talking about this but wii’s aare crap, 360 is where its at :slight_smile:

the reason people are using it in rehab is that the patients can have fun while slowly and safely bringing the strength back to their arms. For a pitcher, who is used to the stress put on their arm it would do abs nothing