This past weekend I had a tournament and felt really good. My fastball was sitting around 83-85 with live movement. Yet I couldn’t seem to find the strikezone. Ever had one of those days when everything feels right yet you don’t perform up to par?

how about havin a day where everything that could go wrong does, but u somehow get the win? i prefer these over those

Don’t we all?

I think that if you look at some major league games you’ll find the latter to be the case more often than not. Jim Brosnan, in his book “Pennant Race” (a most entertaining read) tells of a game in which he had to come in to relieve, and everything that could go wrong did—slider was flat, the curve was misbehaving, and everything was high—and he kept getting the batters out. He complained to Cincinnati manager Fred Hutchinson about it, and Hutch said to him “You’re getting them out, aren’t you?” Hutch must have known something. Conversely, there have been games–there was one where Vic Raschi was pitching against the Red Sox, and they were belting him from here to Timbuktu and back, and the Yankees were behind, and then Joe Page came in, and after giving up a couple of more runs he just shut the Bosox down over the next 6 2/3 innings, and the Yanks came from behind to win (I think this was in '49). So, you never can tell.

Zita -

You a fellow Yankees fan because of Lopat/childhood? Or Rays (Devil Rays … not) because of FL? Other?

I’ve been a Yankee fan since I discovered the game at the tender age of 7. And I got into playing the game seven years later. Now my playing days are way behind me, but I’m still a Yankee fan, always will be, and it’s more than the “mystique” and “aura” surrounding the game. As for Ed Lopat…I will never forget him and what he did for me, taking me in hand and helping me become a better pitcher. After all these decades I still remember everything he told me, everything he showed me. My all-time favorite snake-jazzer. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

Lucky you – following/rooting for the Yanks in the 50s. I was too young to remember the 90s, but '04 is fresh in my mind (or as my dad — who endured the late 60s-early 90s — would say, “what year?”). Grr, but go Yanks!

I know what you mean, my breaking balls were breaking, and my fastball was fast. The strike zone, however was no where to be found.

I know what you mean, my breaking balls were breaking, and my fastball was fast. The strike zone, however was no where to be found.[/quote]Try more positive visualization drills and exercises. I’m a big fan of peak performance training, look it up you may like it. :smiley:

The day I was throwing what I thought to be the hardest I’ve ever thrown, basically just whipping four seamers down there, but I couldn’t buy a strike. I’ve made up for it by (with the same umpire) striking out a batter with three straight outside fastballs that were a good 10-12 inches outside. The batters reaction was priceless after the third one >.<