Yesterday i pitched at my game and the first batter i faced was a right handed batter(i throw with my right hand). But No matter what pitch i threw Four seam circle change curve or my knuckle curve they would always go out side on a right handed batter. Like say i threw a curve it would do its thing and then go out side(it looked like it would be right in the middle of the strike zone but go outside).

Then say i threw my four seam fastball it looked like it would go straight down the middle but right before it crossed the plate it went outside the strike zone for a ball.

But when i faced left handed batters my pitches didnt go outside they just went straight down the middle or did a curve or whatever

Why would it only do it on right handed batters and why would it even be doing this? :? :? :? :?

Normally they say: attack the strike zone from the beginning. Your problem sounds more as being ‘afraid’ of the batters. Just go right after them no matter if you HBP them, they enjoy getting hit.

Also have you been experiencing this with other games?

I found this on a different post about almost the sane problom.

Location of his feet on the rubber. A natural sink (Which is what you describe) is not a bad thing. Look for consistency, where does he end up. You’ll likely see what to fix if you observe these things (He may end up open…or be on the left side of the rubber)…it could be simple. If he’s solid and in a spot I would look to be conservative in any corrections.

You might try moving to the other side of the rubber, for one thing. Also, you want to make sure you aren’t opening up too soon—that is a common cause of pitches going everywhere but where you want them to go. I see this problem as basically one of out-of-whack mechanics which can be easily corrected, and you might do well to have a pitching coach check you out on this. :slight_smile: