I am attending a private (christian) high school. Its brand new so they are building the baseball fields. The latest rumor is that Roger Clemens has a select club (14-17 years old) that needs a new field. He offered to fully fund the building of a state-of-the-art baseball field, as long as he was in charge of scheduling. The high school agreed, but our diocese did not. So deals off. Now we get an uneven pile of dirt to play on, no lights or stands for a year. My question is why did we have to say no? Is it because of his values or property concerns? We could of had a world-class stadium!

My guess is it’s because of the issue that will not go away, and I don’t have to tell you what that is. :roll:

Your situation is a timely one.

Last year I happen to be addressing advice to a couple of high school players with offers. They also were graduating from a faith-based high school.

During dinner the subject of land use came up and one of the parents, who held a very important position with the faith-based organization, gave me a very impressive list of reasons why his organization had to be very careful with assigning land use. Here were some of his narration:

  • Traffic flow that fit the neighborhood during events.
  • Tax exempt organizations can not allow “for hire” use of certain things as a going enterprise. Charging fees for land use for other sporting events could entail a lot of paperwork from both local and state authorities. Paperwork that would be either too costly to hire out to complete, or, not enough professional talent in-house to do.
  • Insurance costs and restrictions, depending on the land’s use, could slam the door shut from the get-go.
  • The use of certain land does not allow flexibility for certain sports or even events.
  • Past use may not be in the organizations favor. For example, this particular organization had a congragation fair years ago, and there was a small fire. Seems as though the grass was very dry and compact because of all the people walking around, then a bar-b-q grill got tip’d over and the rest was history. The fire marshall still hasn’t forgotten the thing.

Aside form what I heard, I’ve seen personal axes to grind could creep into the picture. Jack who does’nt like Frank, that has a beef with Bob, who hasn’t returned Bill’s lawn trimmer for the last year … you get the idea. Stuff like this happens. And it wouldn’t it be Bill’s luck to have Jack and Bob as two of the town fathers, and Frank as the pastor of the church! Geeshhh - people, go figure?

In any event, I wouldn’t put too much stock in rumors. Some people like to hear themselves talk, or at the least, start a rumor then sit back and see how far it gets. I saw a terrific rumor play itself out once — it was being rumored that the Jets were interested in our club. I mean every one saw $$$$$$. Two months later the rumor came true - we relocated next to an airport. Like clock-work a jet fly over every four hours, if not sooner.

Coach B.

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