Why would anyone want to be a pitcher?


I’m not complaining, nor am I trying to find fault with someone’s personal decision. But, I’ve always wondered why on earth would anyone want to be a pitcher. I guess it’s better on Mars, Saturn or Jupiter (I know, that’s pretty lame)

But seriously, you’re in the center of the infield in full view of hecklers, trying your best in 98 degree weather without a breeze in sight, a win-loss rating that goes south real quick and you get the blame, and a host of other problems.

So, chime in here and tell your side of the story… WHY PITCH?


When you’re the pitcher, you are in control of the game. The ball is in your hands as opposed to standing somewhere in the field. Everyone is watching you and you are the star of the show. You are trying to show everyone your pitching talents and skills to shut down the other team. You love striking out the batter and watching them get irritated that they can’t get on base. Personally, I wouldn’t see why you wouldn’t want to be a pitcher.


As far as i am concerned, i am just a win junkie, in every aspects. Every pitch you throw the batter can’t hit is giving me that feeling. I cant think of a lot of other things in life that can provide such feeling.


Why did Sir Edmund Hillary climb Mt. Everest? :relaxed:


I think he forgot his keys.:sunglasses:


I asked one of my guys, who was really good, this same question. And he told me that as a kid he had a morning paper route that had to be done in time before he went to school. Besides, a girl that caught his eye, while in 6th grade, lived in one of the houses that he delivered to, and. once a week he’d stop by her house to collect his money. He told me that while riding his bike his aim got pretty darn good. In fact, he said that he could put just a little spin on the paper so it hit the front porch of any house, the paper would then flip and land standing up against the front door. I was kind of skeptical until one afternoon he brought in a newspaper and to my surprise he did it! He flipped a newspaper down our hall and it landed standing up right against a fire door.

My curiosity then had me asking… “how’d go with the girl?” He said they ended up going to the same high school. She became a cheerleader, dated the quarterback of the football team. It must have been tough with the morning paper route, delivering to her house. He told me that it wasn’t so bad. He developed a pretty good arm thereafter every morning with the morning edition - in the eve troughs, in between the front steps and the lilac bushes, and his best shot… bonk, off her bedroom window at 4am.


My grandfather was actually a mountaineer of sorts. Not Mt. Everest or the Himalayas, but mountains in the Americas. He left me a few books on mountaineering, among them one that chronicles the efforts at conquering Everest, K2, and other great Himalayan peaks. I re-read the book every now and then, as the accounts never get old. It is amazing what those men went through, with some expeditions taking several months. I think today’s men are softer. When Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay, were almost to the summit of Everest in 1953 for the first ascent in history, on the verge of collapse, they faced the unexpected: a vertical 40’ wall of sheer rock keeping them from the summit. Hillary and Tenzing muscled their way up inside a crack in the rock and reached the top of the world, at 29,028 feet. Today, this wall of rock is known as the Hillary Step. However, today there is an actual ladder in place there to make the climb up the Hillary Step easier than it was for Hillary and Tenzing back in 1953.:angry:


A close friend of mine was a camper. I mean a very serious camper, boarder line survivalist. His wife was a fitness instructor and the two were made for each other. He a fireman, and her into fitness. One evening he, me and a couple of friends were watching public TV about the White Mountains. After a few, we all decided to hit the camping trail and try our hand at hiking and scaling the side of one of the peaks. His Mrs. was about to chime in on our selection, when he mentioned that he knew what he was doing … after all he was a Pathfinder in the Army, a fireman and in great shape. So, she sat back, smug look on her face, as we continued our plans.
We parked our van at the bottom of this mountain and paid the park fee, started up and soon noticed how challenging this thing was. We must have stopped a few dozen times to catch our breath and opened up our jackets trying to cool off.
We finally made it to a small flat area just under the rocks to the peak, when I heard children’s voices.
As it turned out there was a railcar of sorts, on the other side, that brought people up to the peak and onto an observation platform - that we were under.
As we clawed and stumbled our way onto the platform, we go the strangest looks from the people stepping out of the rail car, and siting on a bench enjoying a lemonade was my friends wife, again with that smug look on her face.
I’m sure everyone that used Hillary Step really thought highly of that ladder.


I’m a pitcher cause it’s the only thing I’m good at haha. I struggled through little league, batted bottom of the order and played RF… Then something clicked and now I’m trying to win a spot on varsity as a junior. I love pitching so much. There’s no better feeling than executing a pitch sequence perfectly, and getting the three pitch K. I love studying MLB hitters and statistics, and keeping charts for all the hitters in our high school league. There is much more of a mental game going on for the pitcher than any other position. Though the catcher calls the pitches, it’s my ERA, so I end up shaking off a lot until the catcher gets to know me. Also, the quest for perfection. As a hitter, it is much easier to go 4-4 at the plate than it is for the pitcher to throw a perfect game. And even if the pitcher throws a perfect game, they still weren’t perfect. There were spots they missed! Mistakes they made and got away with. Would it be possible to throw a CG and not miss a single spot?..not really, but that gives me a goal I can always work on, and never be satisfied. There’s nothing like pitching.


Although I agree, any catchers out there may argue this post.