Why tubing or using exersise bands is bad

Why tubing or using exersise bands is bad…

Last monday i was using and exersise band, i was doing bicept curls from the front. The knot let go and hit me in the face bursting a blood vessel in my eye. I was rushed to the hospital and the specialist told me it normally takes 3-4 hours before it gets to the stage it was at. It was originally thought that i wasnt gonna be able to play for 3 weeks to a month, and for the first week i had to sit on the couch with minimal movement in worries that the clot might dislogde and start the bleeding again. after the first week and me being a quick healer, i have been told i can do a light training this week but no games and next week i can start my normal routine.

I may have permanent damage in my eye, causing high pressure in the eye and loss of peripheral vision.

That’s a tough break man. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

In the future, it might be worth your money to invest in some J-bands. You can do all of the same exercises on them but they come with a metal clip so that you don’t have to rely on a knot around a fence.

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man, sorry to hear about that. Geez… Best of luck with the recovery and i hope you dont suffer from any long term problems.

BOOMA…I can’t imagine the shock you experienced with your accident. A great debate about the benefits of bands vs. pulleys was in an early 2007 edition of Collegiate Baseball, a newspaper style publication which you can check out or obtain through subscription. It is a great service you did to post your injury for future users , but there are good and not as good features with all equipment. I trust you will get back to feeling better and more motivated.

Thanks guys, not playing sucks :(:frowning: