Why they lowered the mound

Get some popcorn and watch a little domination 8)

If you listen, the announcer is Harry Carey…he used to be the announcer for the Cards…the last one was the Gates Brown slider :shock:
Notice Tim McCarver is the catcher…No cookie cutter motion here.
Always worth watching just once in your life :smiley:

Bob Gibson’s 1968

Wins: 22
Losses: 9
Games Started: 34
Complete Games: 28
Shutouts: 13
Innings: 304.2
Hits Against: 198
Runs Against: 49
Earned Runs: 38
Homers Against: 11
Walks: 62
Strikeouts: 268
ERA: 1.12
WHIP: 0.853

Awards: Cy Young, MVP, All-Star

How did he lose nine times?

to that, his teammates would answer he didnt lose it, we lost them for him.

A couple were 1-0 losses to one Fergusen Jenkins of the Cubs or 2-1. It always seemed like those two tied up in 11 or 12 inning death matches…usually decided by an error or past ball or some other thing somebody paid for in the privacy of the locker room. I remember this game in particular, I was in grade school and they brought a TV into the classroom and we all watched it (Had to love those daytime series games)…no political correctness or did little Johnnie want to watch soccer or play with dolls…it was shut up, sit there watch the game…which was fine with me :smiley: as I recall it we even got some popcorn with it…what a treat :wink:

Makes a good argument for the best righty of all times.


Bob Gibson was amazing, and he played for the Cards so why would you expect anything less.

I used to watch him on TV every chance I got…about 3 times that season - thank goodness for Sunday games in the 60’s.


He was a once in a generation kind of guy…
Cards ain’t had one that great since…maybe, maybe Dizzy Dean before him. But I see your from Mo and have a propencity to love your team…why not? They broke the mold with Gibby.

I’m curious: did he switch to the stretch because he was tired or because runners were on base? I’m surprised he didn’t start throwing left-handed.

Haha pretty sure runners were on base.

Man just lookin at the break on this stuff it is so amazing, fast and quick, sudden and late…notice McCarver almost didn’t catch that last slider…bet it hurt the awkward way he had to sorta turn and cradle the glove just to recieve it…yow…nightmare stuff…was no easy job to catch this guy…I think he’s a crappy announcer…but as a catcher you have to give him his due.

Oh yeah. Hate him on FOX, but your right about the C. It’s great to see the view from behind home plate. Can really see the movement.

that thing looks like a 90 mph curveball jeeeeez