Why the Yankees won?

Good pitching.

That, and Timely hitting.
Although they didn’t have a good bullpen in some of those games in the ALCS

uh? more like why was this serie so tie? BAD pitching

Jeter was Jeter and A-Roid woke the heck up. Thinking match-up only I’m still with the Yanks in 5, CC twice and Andy and AJ with 1 each, Marianno will be elected God and forever leave this foresaken planet to ascend to Vallhallah where he will strike Odin out and take his stuff :shock: can you believe that guy??

I’m not sure why they won but there’s going to be a lot of homeruns hit this series, Yanks and Phillies by far the best 2 lineups in baseball. I think this is going to be a great series I hope it goes 7 and of course the I want the Phillies because they don’t even play baseball over there in the American League :wink:

It’s going to be a great World Series—a cliffhanging, nailbiting, edge-of-the-seat battle between two evenly matched teams, the sort of thing that is every baseball fan’s dream. As to why the Yankees won the ALCS—it was a combination of factors. Stellar defense…timely hitting…some out-of-this-world pitching from the likes of C.C. Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and not-too-shabby relief pitching from some other guys in the bullpen…and a whole slew of errors, misplays, miscues, base-runner bloopers and general “suckiness” on the part of the Angels who, at the end, had their halos fall off. True, there were no huge long-ball displays—both teams played small ball but the Yankees just did it a little better.
I saw last night’s Game Six, and Andy Pettitte was nothing short of superb. They say his stuff is on the decline? Don’t you believe it, not for an instant. He was working both sides of the plate, and one walk and six strikeouts is not exactly shabby. But most of all—if you looked closely at him while he was pitching, there was that incredible concentration; he was really zeroed in. Andy was dandy indeed, and his teammates gave him the runs he needed. And by the way, he throws a cutter which is almost as deadly as Mariano’s.
Those guys are all going to have to take long hot showers to wash off all that champagne that got splashed all over them! And they can rejoice—they finally shook that rally monkey off their backs. They finally beat the Angels. And now they’re getting set to lock horns with the Phillies. Somebody at MLB.com has called the upcoming games the “Liberty Series”—a nice appellation indeed. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You really didn’t think the pitching was good on both sides? I did. It was a defense that blew it for the Angels…

I think the starters and Mariano were terrific, Hughes and Joba were weak.

I thought it was 'cause they scored more runs than the Halos last night :smiley:

I hear ya flip!

I’m pretty sure it was because the Halos film their pitchers without a tripod… :shock:

The Yankees won because they can buy any player they want! :evil:

angels had trouble making routine plays at times. when 2 teams are close, that is the difference.

good pitching gives your team a chance to show that little difference at the elite level. without the pitching you don’t even get in the door. pettite is very good in the big games. combine him with cc and there are tough games to win. cc and lee in game one will be well worth the price of recording in hd. the slow mo clips will become instructional gems.

re: Hammer: "it was because the Halos film their pitchers without a tripod… "

----Infidels! No wonder they lost. I remember thinking that Saunders looked worried and preoccupied about something during game 6…now we know what was bothering him.

I love your avatar.

Oh and I think as far as Halos/Yankees goes…Kazmir was a bad pickup. I really just dont think he has what it takes to be a frontline starter against teams that can hit like the Yankees. The WS will be different for both teams. 1. The Phillies can do everything the Yankees Can
2. I think the bullpens will decide the WS and I dont see much from anyone but Mo at the moment…might have some problems we’ll see.

[quote]I love your avatar.[/quote] What the emoticon or the BoSox one?

Sabathia vs. Lee—what a matchup that should be! Both teams are pretty evenly matched, and the Phillies are a National League team that plays American League-style baseball—should prove interesting indeed. I for one wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see the series go the full seven. Ready for some baseball?

I was referring to the BoSox, who can also purchase any player they want.

“why the yankees won”

no budget cap like the nba.

phillies and yankees got the money, so they get the players.

Please dont start flaming me about how stupid i sound. i just wanted to say it to get it off my chest.

thank you.