Why the Pitch is Not working?

Whether it’s a fastball with location, a curve, slider, split-finger, change-upor any other pitch that’s not working properly, you can usually attribute this problem(s) to a sequence or sequences of events that has changed in some way. This change(s) can be very subtle or dynamic – depending on a lot of issues that are at play, given the pitch and your playing environment.

The best way to recognize any pitch that’s not working is to identify the elements that WILL make it (pitch) work and use the sequence of conditions as reference points. Again, I as sated above in my first paragraph, when a problem(s) occurs, you must use your reference points to identify the subtle or dynamic change in these reference sequences.

For example, when working on your curve ball – when you have this pitch just where you want it, take notes of what happens with each part of your body and posture that allow you to deliver this pitch. Take special note of your leg lift, where your arms are prior to the breaking of the hands, how your hands break, how your glove arm progresses, where your stride leg starts and stops and why, so on and so forth. Also, take note of your pitching side – all of it, from the beginning to the end of the delivery. Then take note of the surface that your working off of – how is it?? Ask your self what’s so special about it – or not?

Now, when everything seems to be set, and your clicking like crazy… deliberately change something… anything. Notice how even the slightest alteration in say…your leg lift, radically augments your entire performance and thus… your pitch. Now at that point, jot down in your notebook what you did to change your basic style and how this change effected the selected pitch. Then, go back to the basic style that made this pitch work in the first place and impress upon yourself this lesson.

Take every pitch in your inventory and try this exercise. Also, try changes to your leg lift first, then the upper body, stride leg, and so on. But, always remember to return to the basic structure that made the pitch(s) work in the first place.

This system of pitch correction is standard stuff for those pitchers returning after rehab. And regardless if your trying to find your fastball, slider, curve ball, or any other pitch to work properly… this simple yet effective system is simple, basic and time proven. But, it does involve work on your part. Hence, you must have the commitment and desire to improve beyond the mediocre. A video camera and hours of recording and reviewing can be extremely helpful.

Coach B.

Haha, I changed up some stuff my mechanics were pretty crappy. I lost all my control but I know I’m going to gain velocity and after some time even better control. It’s tough I’m going to have to work on stuff. This might be golden thread worthy or even an article. Not many posts Baker I thought you were taking a break or something. Guess not.

Not many posts Baker I thought you were taking a break or something. Guess not.

I’ve been very busy with travel and a training schedule. But, the amount of posts on this subject ( pitch not working) seemed to be timely.

Coach B.

I’m just buggin ya. Its a great post.

I like the sig, Bower :nod:

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