Why Should You be treated any Different?

An investor will spend, oh… thirty million dollars and then some, to search out, purchase, acquire a top-notch trainer, stable facilities, veterinarians, and specialty feeds and supplies, etc., just to maintain the basics for a quality Arabian Stallion. Then, a carefully planned day-to-day grooming period will get this investment ready to produce on the track. And if that’s not enough, constant monitoring of this stallion’s health and wellbeing will be performed under the scrutiny of some very expensive personnel.

Now think for a moment – if an animal can be treated with this much care and concern why shouldn’t you. Are you, or should you, be considered of less worth?

So, the next time you’re about to be pulled from a field position in relief for someone else, given five to eight throws to get ready, and then pitch… stop and think. Would an animal be pulled cold from his stable, saddled up, then rushed to the starting gate? Or, the next time you get to the park and find little or no supervision devoted to pitchers for that day … again, stop and think.

Then next time you sign up for a club – ask how are their practice sessions and game plans are conducted for pitchers? Do these volunteers or paid coaches care enough about you to treat you with the same care and respect as those who tend to an animal at the track?

Think about that for a moment.

Coach B.

Great post Coach B

Great point.