Why profesional pitcher do this?

Just before a foot plant, before shoulder rotation starts, they take their lead elbow behind their back towards first base for RHP.

I noticed it by watching video clips of Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens. Clemens takes both elbows behind his back…

So, my question is why do they do that? It could make shoulders turn too early. But I am a biginner so I am not sure.

I’m a beginner pretty much as well, I’m guessing that they do that to make way for their shoulders to spin in their rotation and get the ball through for more velocity.

Sounds logical, they pop out their chest as well, and all of that happens before they start to accelerate the ball (pitching arm). I tried it, it looks like it gives more control, now I wonder what it does to the velocity.

Lets wait for replys from others.

I do this so my lead arm doesnt fly open and mess me up whether its making my hips turn too quick or throw my pitch too early

I was definitely wondering this too…So many people have said that it’s horrible for their arms, yet every single pitcher does this…Can’t wait to hear others replies

Most pitchers do this, but not everyone does it the same way.

The dangerous way to do this is to take the elbows above and behind the shoulders.

The safe way to do this, which is what Clemens, Maddux, and Ryan do, is to take the elbows behind – but below the level of – the shoulders

Thanks Chris for clearing that up…makes much more sense now