Why Pitching Machines Suck

Hitting off of pitching machines does no good. The ball sticks, the ball comes out weird, people have no rhythym putting them in. The curveball machine throws harder than the fastball machine’s max. Half of the pitches aren’t strikes. Sometimes the ball rises. You don’t see the ball until after it shoots out of the machine which is no where near a pitcher’s normal release point. It messes with your timing. It is nothing compared to live pitching where you see different pitches one after the other, can time the pitcher’s mechanics and get yourself ready for a game situation.

I am anti pitching machine, but unfortunately I still half to hit off of them at practice.

You think these things are a hoot - a joker we had hand fed unripened grapefruit in one of our machines . Gads-zooks, those things came flying out of that tube like a bazooka… and when somebody finally got a hold of one … hello Sunshine State!!!

We all got into the act. I got dinged by a couple of times, didn’t hurt much, but I will admit, it was a dangerous thing to do. Some of the grapefruit came apart, right out of the tube and sprayed all over the place.

Don’t try this at home - it ain’t worth the risk, and we all should have known better.

Coach B

Theyre great if you have no one to throw to you though

I bombed a homer today because ive been hitting off the machine :lol:
I guess people have different opinions

Can’t stand machines, whoever is dropping never has any rhythym and the balls get stuck in there and so the time the balls come out change, causing unnecessary toe tapping or early striding, which causes me to be late off of live pitching. It just screws up my timing so bad.

And sometimes the pitches literally rise! It could be the type of machine but man I can’t stand them. You have to have someone to drop into the machine don’t you? Or do you have one that runs itself?

Funny story btw Coach B.

Yah someone drops the ball in but idk i think it helps with timing.

because the person dropping the ball doesnt have a rhytm so its kind of like fastballs and change ups.

See all it does to me is screw up my timing. I’d rather have a pitcher with a windup that I can time, not just drop and then see when it comes out.

Iron mikes are a pretty good type of machine to hit off of.

i know what you mean Pustulio. Just different opinions

Yeah, I know. I just get so annoyed at having to hit off of these machines. Some of it probably has to do with the type or machine and the quality of machine.

The machines that load them selves and have the arm that fling the ball i like the best.

Ya see we have the ones with the little chute that you drop it down.

Anyways I got to hit live pitching today and even though coach throws some nasty stuff I could hit him hard because I could time it.

Thats awesome man. I jacked a homer today and hit a double

Yeah I’m just glad I got my timing back.

Memo to all you guys who have trouble with pitching machines because you can’t time them: Now you have some idea of what it’s like to bat against a real live pitcher who has the kind of delivery you can’t time. I have seen plenty of pitchers like that in the major leagues—guys like Orlando Hernandez, for example; when he was in his prime he threw with several different deliveries and no matter what the batters did they couldn’t get a good read on him. What was it Warren Spahn once said? “Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.” And guys like Dontrelle Willis, who in the beginning had batters tearing their hair out by the roots because they couldn’t time him, couldn’t get a sense of his “rhythm”. Ed Lopat, that finesse pitcher par excellence, would really throw batters’ timing off simply by taking even more off his pitches. Yes, pitching machines can be a royal pain in the gluteus maximus—but having to hit against a live pitcher can be even worse. :slight_smile: 8)

I dont particularly care for machines either but it is better than nothing. And early in the season when nobody is comfortable hitting live pitching anyways, it always helps me to use machines because when i get into a game I can relax and just remember how I was hitting off the machine in practice. I don’t have to think about anything other than swing at a strike and it really used to help me. Now I don’t get any at bats because I’m a LHP and I am always used for pitching. I miss hitting and playing OF. =[

They’re great to toughen up our third baseman and catchers :lol:
Lotta times we just point the damn thing at the trainingsfield and shoot groundballs, linedrives and high balls :wink:
It works for two reasons:

  1. It defo improves your fielding!
  2. It helps the “new” ones overcome their fear for the ball…

At the end of the training we normally have a elimination-round. We all stand at about 50 feet from the machine and our trainer is shooting balls at us. Those who let the ball pass by them get 1 eliminationpoint. With three points they’re eliminated and must do a specified amount of pushups. Offcourse the speed of the balls increase during this excercise!
I’ve once made it to 100 mph line-drives but that’s just insane. Respect for MLB catchers and infielders who might face those kind of speeds.

in my old batting cages, they would have a projector screen with a guy pitching so it would be like actual timing, but it was on the 75 MPH one, and they moved when i was like 8, so i never went in it

but then you have nobody to feed the machine. pitching machines are bad no matter what.

i totally agree