Why Pitcher's don't throw harder

I came across this article and found it very interesting.

so its not possible to throw faster than 100
they said zumaya hit 104

It’s impossible to throw harder than 110mph because if the arm moved any faster through external rotation than what it takes to throw 110 it would literally destroy itself and the bones would shatter inside your arm from the pressure.

ASMI tested this and concluded that the ligaments in the elbow blow at 40 lbs of pressure. A pitcher throwing 105-110 has exactly 40 lbs of pressure. So you’ll never see a 150 MPH fastball (every though that would be cool)

what about the ball’s weight
if it was lighter would it be possible

I thought it was funny when he said anyone who threw 90mph was a genetic freak. I guess we’re all genetic freaks huh, cuz i bet 95% of us have the genetic capability of throwing 90 mph.

“they said zumaya hit 104”

thats called juiced up ballpark radar guns. most of those guns arent accurate. they tweak with them to make it seem like the pitcher is throwing harder than they are in most cases. but i remember 1 team trying to play with zumayas head during a game and the radar gun kept showing up at around high 80s for zumayas fastball. it worked actually because he cares so much about the radar gun so he tried overthrowing.

im like zumaya then
cause i really care about my velocity

everyone wants a high velocity and cares about it but not many to the extent of zumaya. after every pitch he usually turns around and looks at the radar gun and cares what is says. zumaya is the definition of a thrower not a pitcher.

after every inning i ask my teammates and coaches if i was throwing hard.
Like it or not. Zumaya is in the mayors

Couldn’t be further from the truth.[/quote]

That’s Nyman’s beliefs Lanky’s quoting. And although I don’t fully agree with it, I think could very definitely be further from the truth.

Can’t find the qoute now, but Nyman also believes that only 1 pitcher today has reached his genetic capability, or has even come close to it. Tim Lincecum.

first of all he nor anybody has claimed that to be the case.

Plenty of pitchers have “maximized genetic capability” so to speak.

Young Pedro
come to mind.

if they’re throwing 100mph + it’s a safe bet they’ve maximized their genetic capabilities.