Why Not?

We played a club who had a guy who had a following of some very attractive ladies. And every time we played that club, these ladies would sit right over out dugout.

Sooner or later it became apparent that the seating arrangements were designed to distract our guys big time. To put it bluntly - it worked like a charm.

In fact, every time this guy would slug one out of the park, these gals would go nuts! They’d all get up, start to dance, twirl, wave their hands above their heads and come close to ripping off parts of clothing here and there.

“Sit down”… would be the yell from our skipper, but to deaf ears. I can understand after going 0- 11 at that point in time. The guys could’ve used something to look forward to - cause it sure wasn’t in that dugout.

Towards the eight, the catcher walks out to the mound, has a short meeting then returns to the plate. We were down something like a billion to nothing, then I see the plate umpire shake his head. Up to bat comes lover boy, and doesn’t he get a cream puff served up on a silver platter. The guy swung so hard - and missed, that he landed on his back pockets, right on the plate.

“Ahawaaaaa…” came a moan from the gals above our dugout. Then I see out backstop reach down, and actually help the guy up, then dust the man off!

Again the guy gets a beauty, and again he swings like a gate and misses.

Our catcher calls time, has another short meeting on the mound, then gets back to the plate. He must have said something to the guy because he started a grin from ear to ear.

Doesn’t our pitcher “toss” one to the guy underhand - like in softball. The rest was history. This batter laced into that ball and hit it into the ozone. The girls behind the dugout went wild - I mean looney-tunes! Security had to restrain the bunch from jumping the fence. Then after watching the man round second from the bullpen, I glance back at our dugout and there’s our entire bench - minus coaches, jumping around with the girls- waving their arms, yelling and hugging. More yelling, more hugging - phone numbers, yelling - hugging, more phone numbers.

Things got really nutty after that game. We had a great time and closed the season with nine straight wins. We really didn’t take anything serious - right up until the club folded. But hey, why not?

Coach B.

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Coach Baker?
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