Why is my two seam faster than my four seam?


For some weird reason, my 2 seam is 1-3 mph faster than my 4 seam. However, my 2 seam is as straight as 4 seam and has no movement. Should I be worried that my 2 seam is faster than my 4 seam? Is there also a way to get more movement on my 2 seam? Thanks!


When you got to your two seem grip try cuffing your thumb in toward the ring-finger a few centimeters, this can create less thumb-drag on the ball producing a sinker-like movement while also giving you a few more mile per hour…


So almost under your middle finger in a way? Or are you more tucking your thumb like your ring finger on the right side of the ball. (left side if your left handed)


yes almost under your middle finger…